Leather road

Founded in 1975 and located in central Paris, Seraphin is unique among European luxury marques. One of the last remaining French menswear luxury leather ‘manufactures’ to use traditional artisanal skills; it operates from historic workshops on the Quai de Valmy where the tanners and leatherworkers of Paris were located in the time of Napoleon.
Seraphin sources skins from the world’s most exotic locations: Sudan for crocodile, Laponia for elk, Eritrea and Ethiopia for lambskin, Pennsylvania for deer, Hunza Valley for goat, Mongolia for yak, Canada for Caribou, Sami country for reindeer, Sahel for metis, Icelande for eider down… Skins are drum dyed and Seraphin eschews any artificial finish, preferring instead that the skins retain their natural qualities and original handle. At Seraphin the natural individuality of each hide is celebrated rather than disguised and each garment is designed and made to showcase the character of the skin from which it has been crafted: whether the rugged skin of hardy mountain goats or buttersoft, featherlight silky shearling so smooth it feels like mink.
But while the skins are the best from all over the world, the skill and flair with which they are worked is uniquely French. Over the course of almost forty years the ‘manufacture’ has built an unrivalled reputation for quality and design that has made it a favourite of discriminating men the world over, who appreciate the luxurious masculinity of the house.